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This Website is the extension of my interest in cooking. There are many sites with recipes, numerous cookery classes and Google search will yield details of many exotic vegetables, which were earlier available only in certain countries, and their recipes . Today a bell pepper or a zucchini is easily available even in small towns as can be seen on the internet. Here this site aims to be one single point location where the A to Z of cooking is explained to make it simple. Recipes only form a part of the large repertoire of useful information available in the site.

The recipes are simple and easy to follow. Also the servings can be increased or decreased to recalculate the ingredient requirements. The servings are recalculated on the same page with the touch of a button.

Take time to savor each page and relish the results. Enjoy the changes and success obtained by implementing the various tips collected from numerous sources.

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The word Ayurveda is derived from 2 words- ayur (life) and veda (science / knowledge). The basic principle of Ayurveda is the balance of 3 doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Changes in climate, diet and life style can disturb the balance of the three doshas, which in turn may lead to an unhealthy body and mind. Since we cannot change climate, to keep a balance of all three doshas, we can adopt a healthy life style and a good balanced diet. Though we may not be able to follow everything according to what is prescribed in Ayurveda books, we can adapt certain changes in the ingredients used, method of cooking, medium of cooking, eating certain dishes, avoiding certain dishes etc. to attain a more healthy body and mind. This is what we are striving to achieve through the Ayurvedic part in this site.
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Sarama Louis

While completing my Masters Degree in Economics & Diploma in Marketing Management from Bombay University, cooking was never on my mind. Kitchen activity was restricted to helping my mother in the kitchen. Having lived in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai gave me the opportunity to savor food from different regions & relish different cuisines.

My brother’s admission to Hotel Management College was the eye opener to realize that cooking can be a great activity & my role changed from eating to cooking too. With growing interest, I patiently played the role of an assistant to my brother’s initial forays into the kitchen. Being a novice, it was a real learning experience-especially the finer nuances of cooking.

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I am Dr. Jince Joseph Kallukalam, an Ayurveda doctor graduated from RGUHS Bangalore in the year 2011. After that I started my practice in Amala Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre - Thrissur, Astavaidhyan Thrissur Thaikatt mooss' SNA Ayurveda nursing home, Ganish Herbals - Malaysia. According to Ayurvedic view of health, food plays an important role. After consulting many European patients I came to know the importance of a recipe site that is more related to Ayurvedic cooking. Many westerns were looking for genuine Ayurvedic cooking related site. Hence for last few years I was looking for becoming a part of good website...

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  • Eggs are easier to separate when they are cold. When baking use eggs at room temperature. Seperate whites and yolks when cold, bring to room temperature & then use. Egg whites beat to greater volume if allowed to come to room temperature.
  • When baking chocolate cake, grease cake tin as usual with butter and instead of sprinkling flour, sprinkle cocoa powder. This will not give whitish streaks to baked chocolate cake.
  • To keep ants away from sugar, add few cloves to sugar.
  • To test the freshness of eggs, dip in water. Fresh egg sinks in water whereas stale one floats.
  • When using a griddle / grill pan to grill, apply butter or oil on the the ingredient to be grilled. This gives nice grill marks as well as makes it crispy. Need not add oil or butter to the pan.
  • To dessed chillies, cut both the ends of chillies and hold the chilly vertically in the palm of your hands and roll. The seeds will fall out.
  • Curd / yoghurt should be beaten well before adding to gravies. This prevents curdling.
  • While adding curd/ yoghurt to gravies, which are being cooked, lower the flame or remove the pot from fire, then add and stir continuously to prevent curdling.
  • Since curd / yoghurt is acidic it slows down the cooking time of of vegetables. So add them only after vegetables are almost cooked.
  • Always boil and mash potatoes while still hot. The more the potatoes cool, the soggier they will become when mashing.
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    1) Pastahould be cooked only just before serving it.
    2) Use a large pot to cook pasta. A very large pot. Do not compromise on it. Too small pot or too little water will make the pasta clump.
    3) Use plenty of water and use only cold water.


    Pasta doubles in volume after cooking. It is always better to measure pasta by weight and not by cup. Cooked pasta can be measured by cup. Approximately 100 gms. of pasta = i cup dried pasta = 2.5 cups cooked pasta. There may be slight variations according to the shape of pasta.
    In case of long pasta like spaghetti, angel hair fettuccine, linguine etc., 1 inch diametre bunch of dried pasta = 2 cups cooked pasta.

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