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About the Website

This Website is the extension of my interest in cooking. There are many sites with recipes, numerous cookery classes and Google search will yield details of many exotic vegetables, which were earlier available only in certain countries, and their recipes . Today a bell pepper or a zucchini is easily available even in small towns as can be seen on the internet. Here this site aims to be one single point location where the A to Z of cooking is explained to make it simple. Recipes only form a part of the large repertoire of useful information available in the site.

The recipes are simple and easy to follow. Also the servings can be increased or decreased to recalculate the ingredient requirements. The servings are recalculated on the same page with the touch of a button.

Take time to savor each page and relish the results. Enjoy the changes and success obtained by implementing the various tips collected from numerous sources.

Even as we are proud of the site we have made, we are open to feedback, criticism & suggestions and the same can be recorded in feed page. ‘Foolish is the person who does not learn from mistakes”. The mistakes can be self made or might have happened to others. To discuss the mistakes that happen in the cooking or baking process & to come up with solutions as a result of community brain storming, we have created the feedback page.

This site is the creator’s journey over the years in the cooking and baking world.


1) Notes are provided at the beginning of the recipes, which should be read first before attempting the recipe. Most of the time I have made the mistake of starting the recipe without reading the notes (given at the bottom of the recipe) and fumbling midway during cooking.

2) Recipes that are to be included or accompanied with the main recipe, are given under ‘See also’. Click on ‘see also’. Then you can go to that recipe. Click back button to go to the main recipe. For eg. Chicken Manchurian has 2 ‘See also’, chicken stock and Schewan paste.

3) A short description is given wherever necessary in the recipe.

4) Recipe selection can be done by Origin (country), dish name and ingredient name wise.

5) Facility to take printouts.

6) Option for recalculating the required quantity of ingredients for the entered number of servings is provided. The variation in baking time/cooking time will not be in proportion to the variation in number of servings

7) Choose from different categories of dishes like

1) basic recipes,
2) beef, mutton and pork,
3) beverages, smoothies and juices,
4) breakfast,
5) cakes, cookies and bakes,
6) chocolate, ice cream and frozen desserts,
7) cocktails, mock tails and wines,
8) breads,
9) desserts,
10) dips, chutneys and sauces,
11) paneer,
12) pickles, preserves and jams.,
13) poultry and egg,
14) Rice, noodles and pasta
15) salads and sandwiches,
16) sea food,
17) snacks, sweets and savories,
18) soups, starters and accompaniments and
19) vegetarian.

8) Glossary is divided into 3:-

a) Cooking and baking terms/ methods—In this various terms like bain-marie, julienne etc. are explained in detail.
b) Ingredients—All the ingredients given in the recipe can be found in this list. Ingredient names are given in English, Hindi and Malayalam. A short description is also given.
c) Pans, pots and utensils—In this section, various pots, pans and cooking utensils with pictures have been included. Very often we see a particular gadget and would not know how and why it is used. In most shops salesmen also are not able to help us.
d) Tips—tips are divided into two—cooking and baking and general. Tips can be searched using a key word with alt F.
e) Abbreviations
Tbsp. = Tablespoon
Tsp. = Teaspoon
.5 cup = Half cup
.25 cup = Quarter cup
.33 cup = One third cup
Gms. = Grams

Latest Recipes

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