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  • Origin : INDIA
  • Category : BREAK FAST DISHES
Preparation Time : 15 minutes
Cooking Time : 40 minutes


Poori is a deep fried Indian bread. It is made with unleavened dough. Poori is a common breakfast item in India.


1) The dough should be stiff and not soft like chappathi dough. If its soft more flour will be required to roll out pooris. Too much flour will make the oil burnt and dark in color.
2) Oil for frying pooris should not be very hot or cold. If very hot, pooris will brown too quickly without being cooked properly. If oil is cold or not hot enough, then pooris will absorb too much oil.
3) Adding semolina to pooris makes the pooris crispier. If you want softer pooris, add just 1 tsp. of semolina
4) If pooris do not puff up, it means either the dough has not been kneaded well or the rolling of pooris were not even or the oil was not hot enough.
5) I made small pooris, hence could get 10 numbers.

Quantity Name
1  CupWheat flour
0.5  Tbsp.Semolina
  Salt to taste
0.5  CupWater (approximate)
1  Tsp.Oil
2  CupsOil for frying


1) Make a stiff dough with all ingredients, except oil for frying.
2) Cover with a wet cloth or keep covered in a container for about 30 minutes.
3) Divide the dough into small balls.
4) Roll into small discs or rounds. the discs should not be too thin.
5) Heat oil for frying.
6) When sufficiently hot, add one poori at a time and fry. Gently press down the poori with the frying spoon.
7) Turn over when poori is puffed up and golden brown in color.
8) Take out with a slotted spoon and keep on paper napkins to drain oil.
9) After rolling pooris, do not keep for too long before frying.

Serving Suggestions

Serve immediately while hot with potato curry(poori bhaji).