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  • Origin : GERMANY
Preparation Time : 10 minutes
Cooking Time : 10 minutes


A corn dog is a hot dog sausage coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter, typically deep fried and served on a stick. A hot dog is a cooked sausage, traditionally grilled or steamed. Corn dogs are often served as street food or as fast food. Corn dogs also come frozen which can be thawed and deep fried.
Maize flour is derived from the ground and desiccated seed of the maize plant. It is yellow in color and has a more coase, grainy texture. If not available substitute with corn flour. Cornflour, which is white, is made from white corns, whereas yellow corn meal is made from yellow corns. Yellow corn meal is not ground very finely.


1) The batter should neither be very thick nor very loose. Adjust milk or water accordingly.
2) Pouring batter into a tall glass will make dipping of hotdog easier.
3) The pan used for frying should be large enough to fit in the hotdogs.
4) Skewers can be substituted with toothpicks.

Quantity Name
4  No.sHot dogs/ sausages
0.25  CupFlour
4  Tbsp.Maize flour or corn flour
0.25  Tsp.Baking powder
1  No.Egg
0.25  CupMilk or water
  Salt to taste
4  No.sWooden skewers (optional)
2  Tbsp.Corn flour
500  Ml.Oil


1) Beat egg with milk or water.
2) Mix all the dry ingredients together.
3) Add milk-egg mixture. The batter should be lump free.
4) Heat oil .
5) Skewer the hotdogs/ sausages.
6) Roll them in cornflour. Dip the hotdogs in batter. Shake off excess batter.
7) Fry the hotdogs in oil till golden brown. 8) Drain. Serve hot.