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I am Dr. Jince Joseph Kallukalam, an Ayurveda doctor graduated from RGUHS Bangalore in the year 2011. After that I started my practice in Amala Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre - Thrissur, Astavaidhyan Thrissur Thaikatt mooss' SNA Ayurveda nursing home, Ganish Herbals - Malaysia. According to Ayurvedic view of health, food plays an important role. After consulting many European patients I came to know the importance of a recipe site that is more related to Ayurvedic cooking. Many westerns were looking for genuine Ayurvedic cooking related site. Hence for last few years I was looking for becoming a part of good website, so that I can impart the Ayurvedic view of diet. Fortunately I found out that one of my patients Mrs.Sarama Louis, who is interested in cooking had a recipe site developed by a software consultancy run by her husband. Both of them had a keen interest in Ayurvedic life style. I expressed my wish to them and they open heartedly welcomed me to contribute to their website

I joined the site and we started on our journey towards Ayurvedic recipes. Hope you all will enjoy making these recipes and eating them too.

For queries related to Ayurvedic cooking tips feel free to contact drjinceayur@gmail.com

For queries related to recipes contact whatscooking.net.in@gmail.com

Dr. Jince Joseph Kallukalam


  • Pineapple curry is an essential dish in Kerala vegetarian sadya(festival lunch), specially onam sadya. This curry is sweet, sour and lightly spicy. Sw....

  • The cucumber used in this recipe is popularly known as Madras cucumber. It is oval in shape with stripes of green and yellow. The flesh is juicy and....

  • This is a simple seasoned buttermilk curry served with rice. This dish is mainly made at Kottayam(kerala,south India) and surrounding areas. There are....

  • This is a very refreshing drink, specially during summers.

  • This dish can be served as an accompaniment to grilled/ roasted meat.

  • Moloshyam is sometimes refered to as mulakoshyam also. The original word could have been "mulaku dooshyam", which literally means chillies are harmfu....

  • Black sesame seeds tastes good and is excellent for health.

  • Besan ki laddu is made in Maharashtrian households during Diwali.

  • Chaas also called Mattha in North India, is a salty lassi. It is made out of yogurt , which is blended in a pot with a whipper. The butter which come....

  • Kanji is comfort food of Kerala. Kanji is rice gruel and it is had hot with green gram curry and papad (lentil crackers). It is easily digestible henc....